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AFA Websites by NPD
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  • Easy to Learn (and Use) Administrative Controls

  • Virtually Unlimited Graphics and Content Possibilities

  • Strait Forward and Easy Site Navigation

  • Targeted Email to assure Relevant Communications

  • Member Stories, Surveys, Polls, and other Content Ideas

  • Delegated Page Management to Facilitate Updates

  • Integrated Social Media to Reach A Wider Audience

  • Flexible Membership Management Tools to Suit any Need

  • Compatible with IPhone and Android Smartphones

  • CIC Program Distributes News Across Multiple Websites

  • ECommerce for Donations Events Memberships and More

  • Compliant with all Industry Security Standards

  • More than 70 Distinct Function Tools

  • Always Available to Provide Support and Guidance

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AFA Websites by NPD
AFA Websites by NPD

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